Grow your own garnish

We shine a light on the plants we have on our doorstep and champion our proud ‘grow your own’ tradition.

Leaf Leaf

Grow Your Own – Lovage

The celery-like flavour adds a deliciously herbacious note to our Bloody Tonic. It’s easy to grow from seed and then plant out in the garden down on the veg patch or in amongst the…

Easy to Grow

Grow Your Own – Rhubarb

A quirky vegetable or is it a fruit? Either way, if you give it an inch it’ll take a mile so it needs space or a large pot in an open sunny, well-drained spot.


Grow Your Own – Borage

The star shaped flowers of the borage herb add a subtle fresh cucumber flavour to our Hipstar Soda and a stunning garnish to our drinks.

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